Nigeria's Top Building Construction & Civil Engineering Company

Established in 1969, Stabilini Visinoni Limited is currently one of the leading Building & Civil Engineering Contractors in Nigeria

Know our construction engineering services

The benefits of applying effective construction engineering solutions to a project are many:
Reduced construction cost
Improved quality and safety
Reduced construction risk
Buildings, infrastructure, engineering and urban regeneration

Stabilini Visinoni Limited PROMISES

At Stabilini Visinoni, our customers are our first priority. We’ve spent years thinking through the promises that we can make to you, and we want you to rest assured that when we enter into a contract with you, we make the following assurances:

Better Understanding of Project Needs

What sets our team apart from competitors is the respect and professionalism we maintain in the most challenging situations including schedule.

Greater Efficiency and Cost Savings

Stabilini Visinoni is also a construction company that has the skill set and knowledge of how to manage a construction project from start to finish at competitive costs.

No Hidden Costs

We are realistic with you from day one about your goals and your budget and the process it will take to achieve them. If a hidden or unforeseen condition should arise during the remodeling process, we will have a conversation with you about your options and then you are able to make an informed financial decision.

Shorter Construction times

As your Construction Manager , we take an all-inclusive approach to managing scheduling, estimating, budget control, value engineering, sub-contractor bid solicitation, on-site supervision, quality control, cost control, safety monitoring, communications services, total project management and a commitment to delivering expert approach and exceptional value.